Tender Mercies



Today, while cuddling with my little girl, this little guy flew into our glass picture window. Eden and I heard a small “thud” and looked onto the porch and saw him twitching, legs curled closely to his body and eyes closed. We could see he was very badly hurt, and believed he was dead or near death.

I scooped him up and brought him indoors and out of the wind. He fit perfectly in the smallest part of the palm of my hand. He lay there, and we touched his wings and head, gently and patiently hoping for healing.

After a while, his eyes opened. He still lay there, but now looking at us and blinking as we would rub his tiny head with the smallest part of our fingertips.

After a while longer, he stretched his legs. Still laying on his side, he extended one leg, then the other and uncurled his toes. After a minute of this, he attempted to stand. Shaky at first, he found his balance and regained his wits.

Edie and I went outside and sat on the porch together, bathing this little goldfinch in the bright morning sun. We just sat there, together, smiling and enjoying the warm and beautiful spring morning as the birds chirped all around us. These are the peaceful moments I love about a home in the country, far away of the hustle and bustle of towns and busy roads.

As we watched, little finch took a small jump to the very edge of Edens outstretched hand and seconds later, he flew away to a beautiful old pine at the edge of our property.

In that moment I looked at my sweet Eden (6) with her wide eyes full of hope and pure joy, and I felt a wave of thankfulness and great peace rush over me. I am thankful for her beauty, for her compassion and for her little heart for Gods smallest creatures. I’m thankful to be blessed to be able to spend these days with her, home, together. I’m thankful for our life on the farm, learning all about life and death and purpose and all of the moments inbetween.

Most of all, I’m thankful for The Creator. For tender mercies he provides, sometimes in the form of a broken little finch that somehow found the strength to survive and fly away to his destiny.


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