I’m a real mom, okay? Im a joy filled woman. I play with my kids, I laugh (a lot!) and my love for my family (and others) is unbridled. I’m also a failure, every single day, at something. It’s cool. I’m not easily embarrassed, nor do I care about what others think of me when it comes to vanity issues…. I want to be authentic, and I want to give others the freedom to be authentic as well! I have never laughed as hard as I laugh at myself, and believe me, I give myself plenty to laugh about! Lem’me tell ya about my day….

Its Monday morning.

We traveled this weekend and got home late last night due to 2 totally unnecessicary stops and a wrong turn. We pretty much walked in the house and got in our jammies. I chose my most comfortable and least flattering pair.  

Both kids came into my room (where I remained totally unconscious and still under my comfy covers hoping it wasn’t morning yet) completely dressed and ready for school. They drug me out of bed asking for breakfast…instant oatmeal anyone? I noticed it was about 5 minutes until we needed to be in the car on the way to school. Teeth brushing took about 7. Late we are.

Didn’t worry about brushing the daughters hair, she’s beautiful anyways.

I still don’t have undergarments on, I throw on a light jacket…that’ll do.

We go outside to find our cat bleeding from his ear, I call the vet on the drive and make an appointment at noon.

We pull up to the school, and I hope to drop the kids off without being seen, but alas with the new security system, they need to buzz us in. cool.

I walk in with the kids past the 2 (fully dressed) moms and principal. We make eye contact, I know they “get it”, we chuckle.

I get the kids to their rooms where the teacher says something about a sack lunch. I’m still scrambling. I don’t think much about the comment, they will be more than fine with school lunch.

I walk back upstairs to the 2 moms and principal and make a joke about them being my friends and true friends “love me anyways”, pjs and all. We laugh. One mom asks “So is that what your wearing?” Well no, Ill change when I get home (maybe) I think to myself.

“Today is the field trip. The kids were both supposed to bring a lunch, and YOU’RE a chaperone, remember?”


I rush home, get undies on, pack a sack lunch for both kids. PB&J. My son is a little bit allergic to PB. He’ll be fine.

I scoop out a spoon of powder from my energy drink canister, then drop the canister and powder all over the counter, cabinet and floor. Crap.

I get in the car to drive the hour to the Nature Reserve…my opportunity to ride the bus is long gone. I take a wrong turn and get lost. I’m only an hour late by the time I get there.

We have a fantastic field trip, my kids are laughing and playing and learning. Memories are made.

On the way home at 2:30, I remember the vet appointment at noon. Oops.

So here’s the thing guys; it was a great day. A REALLY great day. The sun was shining, I was filled with joy, and I definitely provided laughter for others (and now you, right?). I made memories with my kids, I learned all about prarie grass, and I enjoyed a PB&J for the first time in a long time. When I finally made it to the vet at 4pm, the receptionist said something about my “awful” day and I quickly corrected her! My day was amazing and filled with humor and grace! May you also find joy in the failures, the oopsies, and the moments when there is nothing else to do but laugh, even if it’s at yourself!