A BIG Dream



For over 15 years now, I have had a BIG dream. If you are a believer, as I am, then you know that a big dream is often referred to as a “calling”. God breathed into me LONG ago that he had a plan for me (Genesis 50:20- You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good. He had appointed me to this position that I may save the lives of many.) and a purpose for his story of my life.

Obedience has always been a strength of mine (don’t ask my parents about my teenage years) and I have taken every step and opportunity God has placed in my life to share his story, and ultimately his will as to WHO needs to hear it. I have enjoyed speaking to a variety of audiences and sharing my testimony as well as practical ideas of themes from my story, but there has always been that nagging feeling telling me “I have GREATER planned for you”. I thought I was making every effort to get myself out there, and bring Glory to this testimony, but I kept finding myself in positions of (what felt like) rejection. “Your story is great, but not for our church.” “Your story is powerful, and maybe we will use it….someday.” FAIL.

I have so enjoyed this blog, and have been so blessed to share to my readers all over the world! (US, Alaska, the UK, Austrailia…just WOW!) I truly felt like it was something I was called to do, and have been very affirmed by your willingness to follow along with my writing, and putting testimony and thought into posts. THANK YOU!

A while back, in another act of obedience, I sent a few excerpts from this very blog to a Non-Profit Ministry that advocates for adoption and orphan care. I never expected anything, or even a response, but I felt like they could possibly use my story to help with their ministry or provide a testimony of hope for their website.

Insert Holy Spirit.

The founder of the Non-Profit immediately contacted me and breathed life and encouragement into me and my story. He persued me (through an act of his own obedience) and started opening doors of opportunity right at my feet.

Yesterday, I met with a VERY talented and kind producer/director (www.stangfilms.com) for an entire day of filming my story.


This short film will be shown for the first time at HOPE Adoption Conference in Des Moines, Iowa on November 22. I am so VERY excited to announce that I have graciously accepted an invitation to be a GUEST SPEAKER at this event!! I have also made the very BOLD decision to join Beauty Amidst the Ashes as they advocate, equip and teach on Adoption and Orphan care. Can you say AWESTRUCK??  www.beautyamidsttheashes.com

I wish there were words that would describe the feeling when God decides to call upon you and use you for his Glory.

It has ALWAYS been my desire to bring a face to the invisible, a voice to the silent, and HOPE for the hurting. I am so humbled to see the very very tip of the immense blessing and abundance that lay ahead. Let my every word be one of power and change.

Who you are matters. Your story matters. What you do matters. Press on my friends, and let yourself be called to change the world through your own story, voice and ministry!!


One thought on “A BIG Dream

  1. Alaina Flater

    I absolutely LOVE this and am beyond excited to read this! I am so proud of you for not taking no for an answer and for persisting on in your calling. I would love to see the video when it’s available! Love you! You go girl!

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